Vortex Sparc Red Dot Sight

Vortex Sparc Red Dot Sight

Designed for use on AR-15 style rifles, the Vortex Sparc Red Dot Sight has great quality and features at an affordable price.

The Vortex Sparc Red Dot Sight has an integral mounting base to mount directly to your Picatinny rail with no additional attachments. Featuring a 2 MOA reticle, the sight provides quick target acquisition while using a small enough reticle to effectively engage targets at longer distances.

The controls on the Sparc face towards the shooter and are easy and intuitive to use. The sight features 10 variable brightness settings, the lowest 2 of which are compatible for use with night vision optics. The optic has a battery life of 300 hours on the highest setting and an awesome 5,000 hours on the middle setting. Conveniently, the sight is powered by a single and commonly available AAA battery.

Like other Vortex optics, the Sparc feels sturdy and you know that it will be reliable. It is both water and fog proof and is built to withstand the shock of heavy use, falling, or heavy recoil. If for any reason, the sight does fail, you know that it is covered under Vortex’s very reputable VIP Warranty program.

The Sparc is a great choice for outfitting a rifle for hunting, self-defense, or sports use at a very reasonable price. It comes highly recommended.

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