Strike Industries Forward Assist

Strike Industries Forward Assist

Forward assists are foregone on some rifles because of the added bulk, and some shooters feel they are unnecessary. However, they were designed as part of the rifle for a reason and they’re actually an important tool in remedying basic malfunctions of the rifle.

The Strike Industries Forward assist offers all the performance necessary with an expanded surface area for easier use and durable construction – all at a weight of less than a quarter of an ounce! You’ll never notice the weight difference with it installed on the rifle.

The assist pawl that engages the bolt carrier is made of hardened tool steel, which will hold up for long periods of use. Between this and the anodized aluminum construction, you have a piece that should last as long as your rifle.

If you rely on your rifle to be reliable in any situation, an effective forward assist is another tool to remedy failures immediately and get you back into action. The Strike Industries Forward Assist does this at an unbelievably lightweight – and also adds a striking, modern accent to your rifle.

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