Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release

Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release

The Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release is a great upgrade to the AR-15’s Bolt Stop/Release lever. It improves ergonomics and handling of the AR-15 by extending the bolt release (one of the fundamental controls of the firearm) into the trigger guard area of the rifle for easy manipulation with the firing hand.

The EBRV3 allows for both quick bolt release (to reload on an open bolt) as well bolt hold open functionality (to clear malfunctions or to lock the rifle open). Made from phosphate high carbon steel, it is a solid and durable accessory that is very resistant to wear.

Unlike some other bolt release attachments, the EBRV3 installs directly to the receiver. Consequently, it can be used on many rifles that will not accept clamp-on attachments – including side-charging receivers and even left-handed rifles. The one-piece construction attaches directly via roll-pin and has no extra pieces or screws to work loose. It feels very solid and professional.

The EBRV3 is a highly recommend upgrade to your AR15 rifle, enhancing the speed of reloads and the overall usability.


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