Magpul PMAG 40 Round Magazine

Magpul PMAG 40 Round Magazine

Magpul has become the go-to name for reliable semi-automatic rifle magazines, and for good reasons. Magpul magazines offer a great combination of price, durability, and flawless performance.

The Magpul PMAG 40 Round Magazine offers all the same great features with an extended capacity. The geometric design of the magazine and the improved anti-tilt follower provide exceptional reliability.

Additionally, these magazines have been smartly designed to work with all firearms that accept AR-15 magazines. Some aftermarket magazines may cause function issues in rifles that were designed to use aluminum GI magazines (the SCAR 16 is one example). The Magpul magazines are designed to function in these firearms, making them a secure purchase for gun enthusiasts who have multiple types of firearms to feed.

Because of their durability, reliability, and enhanced firepower, the Magpul 40 round magazine makes a great complement to your rifle set up for competition, home security, or tactical uses.


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