Magpul M-Lok Hand Stop Kit

Magpul M-Lok Hand Stop Kit

The M-Lok Hand Stop Kit provides control and security with a low profile and little bulk. The hand stop provides a natural indexing and resting point for your hand, for a consistent and controllable grip. It aids in gripping the rifle and pulling it into your shoulder for better muzzle control, without the added bulk of a full-sized hand grip.

A hand stop installed on your handguard also keeps your hand from sliding too far forward on the rail during shooting. This prevents unwanted contact with a hot gas block or escaping gasses from a muzzle device and can even help prevent placing your hand in front of the muzzle on a pistol or short-barreled rifle.

The Magpul Hand stop kit is a great accessory for AR pistols. Not only does it prevent potential injuries from the short barrel, it’s not considered a vertical forward grip. So, it can be placed freely on an AR pistol without a tax stamp.

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