HIPERFIRE HiperTouch Enhanced Duty Trigger

HIPERFIRE HiperTouch Enhanced Duty Trigger

Stock AR-15 triggers can be limiting to accuracy and speed shooting. This is well-known, but many who rely on their rifle for professional or field usage are hesitant to use a light-weight target trigger.

HIPERFIRE’s HiperTouch Enhanced Duty Trigger offers a greatly enhanced trigger pull for duty-style rifles. While maintaining a standard 4.5 to 5.5 lb trigger pull, the HiperTouch EDT greatly enhances other aspects of the trigger pull. Greatly reduced creep and overtravel and a super-short, tactile reset allow the user great control over controlled rapid-fire shooting.

Additionally, the trigger features extra high-power hammer springs. This is important for reliability, as some military and surplus ammunition can have very hard primers which may not ignite reliably. The extra power strings and the heavy head on the hammer contribute to both a short lock-time and increased striking force – great for enhanced accuracy and reliability of your gun.

The trigger package installs easily without removing the safety selector and is compatible with both .223/5.56mm and .308/7.62mm receivers.

At a very competitive price, the HiperTouch EDT is a great option for enhancing a duty or utility rifle without sacrificing any safety or reliability.

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