Geissele Tactical 2 Stage Trigger

Geissele Tactical 2 Stage Trigger

For a rifle that is designed for accurate shooting, stock AR-15 triggers often leave much to be desired. Pull weights range from 6 to over 8 pounds, with lots of creepy and a mushy break. Although they do the job, shooters having to work against a poor trigger can really hinder performance when it’s needed most.

The Geissele Tactical 2 Stage Trigger drastically improves the trigger pull while maintaining specifications that are well-suited to field use. Super light single stage triggers are great for certain uses but can be a safety hazard in real life situations with high-adrenaline. The G2S has a two-stage trigger pull at a very reasonable 4.5 lbs. The first stage is a 2.5 lb takeup, with a second stage 2 lb break. The two stages of the trigger pull are clearly defined, with a crisp break and little to no creep or over-travel.

At a very reasonable price, the G2S is a great improvement for those who still desire a duty, combat or hunting-appropriate trigger but aren’t happy with the way stock triggers perform. Designed to accept Mil-spec pins, the G2S installs the same way a standard AR trigger does.

If you don’t want a fancy match-grade trigger but you still need improved trigger control, the G2S may be the right choice for you at a great price.

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