FAB Defense T-Pod Tactical Foregrip Bipod

FAB Defense T-Pod Tactical Foregrip Bipod

The FAB Defense T-Pod Tactical Foregrip Bipod combines two cumbersome accessories into one package to cut down on bulk and increase utility. As a vertical grip, it is comfortable and usable. The grip is large enough for good support and control over your rifle.

When bipod capability is needed, it is released easily with a simple button press. This opens the grip and expands the two aluminum support legs. This lets you easily find a position of support and is faster than unfolding a traditional bipod.

The bipod is sturdy and well-supported in use, without any give or flex in the feel. It also tracks easily from side to side and swivels, so you don’t have to struggle against it to control your shot. Each of the legs can be adjusted independently to mount to uneven terrain.

The unit is a little heavy, but that is a sign of its sturdy construction materials. It attaches easily and quickly to any standard Picatinny rail, so it can be exchanged easily between most rifles.

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