Daniel Defense Furniture Kit

Daniel Defense Furniture Kit

Daniel Defense components never fail to deliver and their furniture is no exception. The Daniel Defense furniture kit is a great way to upgrade your current rifle or to fill out your next receiver set for a new project.

The pistol grip is comfortable and the feel is naturally familiar to anyone experienced with a 1911 pistol. The rubber feels soft but grippy and is comfortable even when wearing gloves or out at the range in uncomfortable weather. It also includes a built-in trigger guard, saving you an additional part and pin.

The stock is comfortable and a definite upgrade from the cheap collapsible stocks that come on most factory rifles these days. It collapses easily and smoothly and fits the shoulder comfortably. It also has built-in QD sling-mounting points.

The forward grip is a forward grip. It’s nothing fancy but it is a perfect size, fits in the hand easily, and is lightweight. It really helps in the pointing and shooting of the rifle but isn’t so big that it snags on things like big, bulky grips can do.


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